Full Moon Manifest

Updated: May 23, 2019

As a Cancer and #moonchild , this is one of my favorite rituals. The Full Moon is typically a time of purging and letting go that which no longer serves us. I have actually switched up my rituals in this #NewEarth to be GOAL focused; so very similar to that of a new moon ritual I set intentions of what WILL be and let the rest fall away. I call on all the energy I wish to manifest and ask for clear guidance to get there, as opposed to acknowledging that to let go.

Because the Law of Attraction is stronger than ever now, theres no reason to focus on the negative habits, people, or things you are trying to let go. Instead try visualizing yourself with those toxic habits, people, or things as already fallen off. Actually see yourself brand new, feel what it would feel like, and how the world around you would change. This is an extremely powerful time in our celeste, take hold of the energy so that you may put your best foot forward. Here is the exact ritual I perform:


- Gather crystals, candles, journal, pen, blanket, and any other materials you may need for connection and comfort. CHARGE YOUR QUARTZ, SELENITE, & MOONSTONE.

- Journal it out. Write out your intentions, questions, wishes


- Set up your environment

- Cleanse your space using white sage or palo santo.

- Meditate, sit in silence until you find calmness and the mind no longer races

- I like to listen to this frequency https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wtG01ymIjE

- Invite your Spirit Guides: "I invite my guides to be with me during this ritual"

- Light your candle/s to signify allowing Divine/God entering in your space

- "Divine I ask that you be with me, show me clarity and fill me with your Light"

- Pull out your journal. Ask these questions and write the first answer you hear.

- Repeat.

- Speak Gratitude. Thank the Universe for all that you have and for the future. I like to turn on this frequency and sit in silent gratitude as long as possible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdY6x02Bggs

** If you feel the urge to dance, sing, etc- DO! The energy can be very powerful and beautiful if you let if flow through you in these ways.

*Aside from your Full Moon Manifest, this is also the optimal time to both cleanse your house (I usually do a 3-day cleaning spree both of the Windex and Sage variety) and to charge your crystals. Double-check which crystals TO and NOT TO charge in the moon light here.


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