Mommy Balance Yoga

Updated: May 23, 2019

#chakrabalance #mommyyoga

When the kids are all in your face but the chakras still need balancing!! Here's a few quick movements to activate each point.

For each movement, direct your awareness to the energy point, visualizing the color and what each point signifies. The affirmations listed will help if you are not familiar with your chakras. Work at finding an even breath, stillness, in each movement.

I like to inhale with thoughts of blessings and exhale gratitude for my surroundings. Try not to focus on the actual worries, fears, anxieties- and watch them disappear . Enjoy!

1. Root | Deer Pose | Safety, Trust, Security

2. Sacral | Dragon Lunge Pose | Worth, Value, Creativity

3. Solar | Supine Twist | Self-Esteem, Confidence, Will Power

4. Heart | Supported Fish Pose | Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude

5. Throat | Sphinx, Seal | Expression, Authenticity, Gratitude

6. Third Eye | Child's Pose | Connected to Spirituality, Intuition

7. Crown | Seated Meditation | Content, Wholeness, Divinity