New Moon Manifest

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

New Moon- This moon itself is not visible (unless during a solar eclipse) and is two weeks outside of the Full Moon. This phase of the moon signifies the end of something old and the start of something new. The New Moon's energy is one of release, refresh, rebirth, and renew. Making it the best time to set intentions for a new project, mindset, discipline, or goal. Think planting the seed for your harvest to grow. Whether you are starting a new diet, or releasing old toxic energy, Use this New Moon ritual below to surrender, cleanse, and begin again.

What You'll Need:

1 Bundle of Sage

1 White Candle

1 Other Candle representing YOU

1 Journal & Pen

*Optional Music, Crystals, Incense, any other elements to enhance

1. Cleanse your space. Light the bundle of sage and blow on it until the ends are glowing and smoke flows from the embers. Cleansing from left to right, use on your own body and around the space you are performing your ritual. "I clear out toxic energy and set this space with love and intention"

2. Meditation. I like to sit in silence with binaural beats in the background until my mind is clear and I feel connected to the Universe. Check out 741 HZ music like this one from Meditative Mind. If you have a hard time clearing your mind, use visualization techniques. Visualize roots growing from the Earth to its center. Then visualize those roots growing up through each of your chakra points, so from the base of your spine to the crown of the head. Once your thoughts have cleared, light your white candle to "open" your sacred space tapping into that manifest power.

3. Invite you Guides. Guides, Angels, or any other Divine connection. Just say "I invite my Guides into this space for clarity, wisdom, and guidance. Please be with me".

4. Set Intentions. Write out what it is you wish to intend, or begin new, on your journal.

Some ideas: What changes do you intend for short term, say 2 weeks? What changes do you intend long term? What qualities do you already possess to help you get there? What questions do you have to get there? Use this time to journal and really think about what the new beginning would mean for you.

5. Light the YOU candle. Light this candle with your intentions in mind. Visualize as if they were already true. So see the you in this new light. I like to proclaim mantras at this point directly related to my intentions. So things like "I AM refreshed. I AM capable. I AM determined. I AM purposeful. I AM blessed. I AM guided"

6. Gratitude. At this point thank you Guides for being there and state they are welcome to stay or go as they please. Next, thank the Universe for all that is and will be. Send love and gratitude out with each breath. Sit in this gratitude for as long as you need. If the energy is overwhelming take deep breaths, inhale "feeling grateful" | exhale "sending love".

2019 New Moon Schedule:

January 5th

February 4th

March 6th

April 5th

May 4th

June 3rd

July 2nd

July 31st

August 30th

September 28th

October 27th

November 26th

December 25th


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